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Ebusco is a company incorporated in the Netherlands and is publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 22/10/2021, where its shares are traded under the symbol EBUS. The ISIN code is NL0015000CZ2.

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€ 2.81 2,18%
17:55 CET
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Dividend Policy

The Company anticipates that for the foreseeable future it will retain all its future earnings for use in the development of its business, its international expansion and growth strategy and for general corporate purposes.

Shareholders Meetings

The Ebusco Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) is held once a year. Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders (“EGM”) shall be held as often as the Management Board or the Supervisory Board deems desirable. Notice of general meetings shall be given no later than 42 calendar days before the day of the meeting through publication of a notice on the website of Ebusco.

Substantial holdings

Under the requirements for disclosing control and participation interests, any holdings in a company’s issued share capital of 3% or more must be reported to the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). As far as Ebusco is aware and on the basis of the AFM’s Disclosure of Major Holdings in Listed Companies register, the following investors hold a holding of 3% or more in Ebusco.

Shareholders Participation in %* Date of last report
ING Groep N.V. 20.95 October 2021
P.H.A.M. Bijvelds** 35.37 October 2021
Teslin Participaties Coöperatief U.A. 5.11 October 2021
Van der Valk Investments B.V. 22.80 December 2023
B.V. Beleggingsfonds “Hoogh Blarick”*** 3.28 December 2023
Heights Capital Management, Inc.**** 9.56 December 2023

* The percentages below are, to the best of Ebusco’s knowledge and based on the AFM register Notification of Control, the sum of shares and potential shares.
** The shares are held by Peter Bijvelds Holding Erp B.V., which shares are held by Stichting Administratiekantoor Peter Bijvelds Holding Erp, for the benefit and account of P.H. A.M. Bijvelds
*** The shares are held by B.V. Beleggingsfonds “Hoogh Blarick”, which shares are held by Beleggingsmaatschappij “De Engh “BV, for the benefit and account of B.V. Beleggingsfonds “Hoogh Blarick”.
**** The shares and potential shares are held by Heights Capital Management, Inc., which shares are held by CVI Investments, Inc., for the benefit and account of Heights Capital Management, Inc..

Analyst Coverage

Firm Analyst
Morgan Stanley Harald Hendrikse
J.P. Morgan Jose Asumendi
Jefferies David Kerstens
Barclays Kai Mueller
ING Bank Tijs Hollestelle
Kepler Cheuvreux Hugo Paternoster
ABN AMRO Oddo Eric Wilmer

ESG ratings

Sustainalytics MSCI EcoVadis
  • ESG Risk Rating: 28.2 (medium risk)
  • Position: in the 47th percentile of 142 ‘Heavy Machinery and Trucks’ companies
  • Updated: April 2023
  • ESG Rating: AA
  • Position: In the 35th percentile of 38 ‘Machinery & Heavy Trucks’ companies
  • Updated: August 2023
  • ESG Rating: Bronze
  • Position: in the 68th percentile of all ‘Manufacture of motor vehicles’
  • Updated: October 2023
Source: Report only available to (paying) investors Report only available to (paying) clients of EcoVadis

Note: The ESG ratings presented are provided for information purposes only and are solely based on the opinions of the organizations issuing such ratings. Ebusco does not imply its endorsement of, or concurrence with, these ratings. Prospective investors themselves must determine the need and relevance of the ESG ratings information, in making certain investment decisions, as they do not constitute direct recommendations to buy or sell. They simply present an objective evaluation of Ebusco’s ESG management and performance.